Counter current

The Swimfit Counter Current System is especially designed with small private pools in mind. With this unit installed in your pool you can swim as far as you like, for as long as you like.

The system is equipped with a 3 HP pump to create a counter-stream of water which allows you to swim on the spot. The adjustable current means that swimmers of all levels can swim at their own pace for as long as they like. The directional inlet allows a 15-degree inclination in any direction and also features an adjustable air/water mixer for a relaxing bubble massage effect.


  • Flow Omax – 40m3/h
  • Pump Capacity – 3HP
  • Electrical Requirement – 1 phase or 3 phase
  • Water return connection Ø90mm
  • Water impulsion connection Ø75mm
  • Air suction connection Ø20mm - includes air button Ø2 x 3.5 with flexible pipe.
  • Includes directional inlet Ø41mm, which allows a maximum angle adjustment of 15º as well as water and air regulation.
  • This unit is also suitable for installation with a 4HP Pump




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