Infrared Saunas

A new generation of domestic saunas has arrived at Suffix Pool in the shape of the Helo Infrared, featuring the unique, state-of-the-art Carbonflex technology. The wall-to-wall heating system provides the softest, most enjoyable infrared heat with no cold or hot spots. In fact, the Helo gives more square inches of heater coverage than any infrared sauna in the market. Furthermore, not only do the saunas do you good, they also look good too and their stylish attractive looks will adorn any room.

The six models range from the small but nonetheless spacious one person sauna which is especially designed for those with ‘lack of space’ and can be installed into the corner of almost any room – even a walk-in closet. There are also two and three person saunas and the largest model will accommodate up to four people comfortably.

The luxurious designs include fine-grained wood throughout (Hemlock and Western Red Cedar, all from sustainable forests in Canada) and feature comfortable, well-thought out seating arrangements. Each sauna arrives in six pieces (floor panel, ceiling panel and four wall panels) and having been pre-wired at the factory, they are easy to install. Each sauna comes with a heated tiled floor, a music system (including ceiling-mounted speakers) and colour light therapy (choose the light colour that suits your mood for added relaxation and serenity). Furthermore, all models can be conveniently plugged into standard household outlets.

You can rest assured that you are buying a quality product supported by one of the worlds largest sauna manufacturers.




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